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We’ll help build your maternity wardrobe every step of the way. Whether you’re a first timer or pregnancy pro, this time can be tricky. If you’re keeping your good news under wraps, we can help. Tell your Stylist your due date and get non-maternity clothes that grow with you, like flowery tops, forgiving bottoms and plenty of layers. Comfort is key and we know just what to send you to keep you looking pregnant-chic. Expect cute maternity trends and a few occasion pieces for your Babyshower or Babymoon. Planning to breastfeed? Let your Stylist know to receive tops perfect for nursing. When baby is on tow, now that you’re getting back to your (new) normal, you’ll need pieces that work with your post-baby routine. Looking for something specific? DAD can help with all your maternity needs. Order on demand, or you can get a monthly box too.

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